I am a Public Health student at Public Health Faculty, University of Indonesia. My life might not be perfect, but am so greatfull to God for each moments that I have.. Cause it makes me who I am today. My life is extraordinarily beautiful and I feel so blessed ! Keep smiling and fighting, the world can give us an entropy, but we can give more force to make our world consist Flexible


My short background:

I was born in a town is quiet and away from the crowded of the capital, was born in the town of Majalengka on 10 March 1993. I was a boy who full of spirit. Elementary until high school in Garut and I now enrolled at the University of Indonesia, majoring in public health department of Epidemiology. Now I am active in youth activities and social. Events and activities that I do most of the theme of health such as health education activities and others. I always look forward to the good and advancement of public health in Indonesia. My daily activities in addition go to the college, I also work part time in a tutoring as a teacher of Biology at Salemba Group, PARAGITA student choir members, Epidemiology Student Forum, have a lot activity with Global Citizen Corps Indoensia, and cant turn around my mind from my love doveey organization “RUMAH PADA FKM UI”


2 comments on “About

  1. Harys wang says:

    Salam kenal bro..aku baca post kamu yang ke thai itu,,besok aku mau ke thai juga ke KL dulu baru ke bangkok pake train..itu gimana ya bro?pengen backpackeran aja..mohon pencerahan..hahahahaha..ada line atau we chat gak bro?

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